Lake time

We have been at the Lake since 2000 and have found it to be our relaxing hideaway that is close enough to home to be accessible for a day or a week.

One of my most favorite memories is the first time my sister came to visit for a day with her husband. The beverages were in the fridge and the BBQ was hot. They had just arrived from the 1.5 hour drive from the city to relax and enjoy our retreat.

We showed them around our shack and the various views from our Lot. Off the front deck we can see the lake and the ninth fairway, from the Arizona room the Landing and the pool, and from the large rear deck up the fifth fairway. Of course every time a neighbor drove by there was the usual warm greeting from our Lake Friends.

With beverages in hand we retreated to the deck to sit, relax and enjoy the fresh air. As the peacefulness started to engulf our guest I looked over to my sister who had reclined in a comfy chair with her drink. Her eyes were closed and drink in hand she had fallen asleep.

LAKE TIME there is nothing quite like it to relax and recharge your body, mind, and soul from the rigors of our busy fast paced lives.

Fellow owner at Gleniffer Lake