Life at the lake

The fast pace of life can at times be overwhelming. Busy schedules of work, kids activities, more work, and then some more kids activities seem to fill our days. Those days turn into weeks, and those weeks turn into months and years!

During our search for some kind of retreat from the busy day to day my wife and I traveled to interior British Columbia, Victoria Island, and even Costa Rica in search of a place we could go to escape and just relax away from the everyday.

In the fall of 2010 our pursuit for a recreational property took us to Gleniffer Lake. On our first visit we did the tour with Gary and Diane and felt that we needed to seriously consider this small Oasis in the middle of nowhere. We ended up renting a place for a weekend so we could ‘get the feel’ of the resort, and see if was for us or not.

By the end of the weekend, after looking at virtually every property for sale, we ended up buying our new ‘cottage at the lake’.

I must say that now heading into our second summer at the lake, we could not be more excited. We have found our escape that is close to home, yet far enough away to leave it all behind. We are thrilled to have met so many like-minded people that simply just want to enjoy the day, kick back, and smile! In all honestly we tend to socialize more and have more friends now at the lake than we do at home!

As an added bonus our two kids love ‘the lake’ and cannot wait to get there every time! They too have found many new friends and became involved in activities that they likely never would have prior to coming to the lake. Now being avid wake boarders, fisherman and golfers, mom and dad may need to take a few lessons just to keep up!

We simply have no regrets buying at Gleniffer Lake. It has become exactly what we were looking for, and only a short drive away! We are so looking forward to meeting even more fellow lake goers this year.

There’s never a bad day at the lake!

Jason Phase 4