My experience at Gleniffer Lake Resort

When we took that drive to Gleniffer Lake in March 2010 it was more out of curiosity than anything else. We never expected to find a place we loved, make an offer that very day, and close a real estate deal later that evening, but with Diane and Gary helping with the process, that’s exactly what happened and we haven’t looked back. We closed on our property on April 29th 2010, have spent the past two summers there exclusively and with much anticipation are looking forward to summer #3.

We absolutely love Gleniffer Lake, and I’ll tell you why. It’s a community, a real community with real neighbors who become your friends and who look out for you. Your level of community participation completely depends on what you’re looking for. You can be as involved with the community as you like, participate in events when you want and when you want to just sit on your deck and relax as a family, this community will allow you to do that. There is never a dull moment at GLR, from the Saturday morning baseball games to Social Committee events, to relaxing by one of the three pools, there is always something to do. You can picnic by the lake, party at the Landing and well, is there really such a thing as “too much golf”??

Last summer, my sister and her family rented at GLR, we were all there together for two wonderful weeks. Enjoying days at the pool, Kids playing in the sunshine, family dinners and bonfires with doesn’t get any better. Memories like this, you can only make in a place like Gleniffer Lake. Our 12 year old son lives for summer vacation. He literally counts the minutes until we can once again spend our days enjoying the cottage lifestyle. We have created some incredible memories but some of our most memorable involve Halloween. Halloween in August is a brilliant idea. How often do the Kids get to enjoy Halloween in Calgary or Edmonton without having to wear a snow suit. And well, it doesn’t hurt that after the babes are tucked in there is no shortage of fun to be found for the adults. Awesome costumes, dancing and of course a beverage or two at the Landing caps off the perfect evening for all the ghoules and guys.